Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekend Wisdom: Health and Wellness for Women over 40

Weekend Wisdom 

 A deep dive into how the innate and adaptive immune system works (Medical Xpress)

Pick these plants to help your indoor air and immune system (The Conversation)

A texting program reinforcing lessons on safe sleep for babies reduces SIDS cases - could we also do this for adults and sleep hygiene? (ScienceDaily)

The top takeaway for me in this article - don't wear makeup to your doctors office! (The good men project)

Interesting! The difference between an MD and an Osteopath (DO) (Reader's Digest)

A sobering look at Americas infatuation with clinical trials  (Slate)

This article focuses on India, but it contains an eye-opening list of reasons why mental health issues are not spoken about in today's culture, the top two especially for Americans (Medium)

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