Saturday, July 22, 2017

Put Trust back in charge - my anti-anxiety morning ritual

How to Reduce Anxiety in the Morning

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT

This morning I woke up with that feeling again. The raw pit of my stomach discomfort. It comes once in a while, the anxiety. I want to distract myself from it. The phone is in my hand before I realize it, poised to click on social media. Do I look at it or start my morning ritual? 

What Will Serve Me More? Distraction or Detox?

Here is my morning ritual - my way of putting to put self-trust back in charge. 

Part one: The night before. 

Every night I set myself up to succeed by getting to sleep on time. I also update my to-do list means I won't stay up late at night worrying I'll forget to do something the next day. 

Part two: The morning.

Every morning starts with the same decision - roll over and check my phone or start my morning ritual. If I check my phone, my brain is in charge, focusing on the needs of others in my email box and social media. If I start my morning ritual, my body and heart are in charge. I aim to complete my hydration, nourishment, meditation, exercise and setting my intentions before I connect with social media. 

Taking this time (less than an hour) to do things for myself instead of for others, sets the right tone for my day and allows me to be in touch with my feelings and what is most important before my anxiety is riled up by the needs and feelings of others.

What is your morning ritual?

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