Thursday, July 20, 2017

Swollen, Bloated and Puffy book and Podcast give tips on reducing swelling in face and body after plastic surgery or lymphedema diagnosis

'Swollen, Bloated and Puffy' Book and Podcast

I am so proud of all the tip and tricks I put together all in one place for ladies who need to reduce swelling in their face and body after orthopedic, cancer and plastic surgery as well as lymphedema diagnosis! The Table of Contents includes:

Part 1 - What is Lymphatic Massage?

Chapter 1 - How to Have a Happy Lymphatic System

Part 2 - How to Reduce Swelling

Chapter 2 - What to Put On and In Your Face and Body to Reduce Swelling
Chapter 3 - What to Wear to Reduce Swelling
Chapter 4  - Let’s Use Gravity and our Muscles to Reduce Swelling
Chapter 5 - How to Use Breathing to Boost your Lymphatic System

Part 3 - Let’s Have a Woman to Woman Talk about Constipation and Incontinence

Chapter 6 - Bonus Chapter for Mothers and all Ladies over 40

Another BONUS: Have you Heard of This? & Why am I Swollen There?

Part 4 - Your Immune System

Chapter 7 - Worried Sick - How to Improve your Immune System
Chapter 8 - Seven Tips for Boosting Your Mood and Reducing Stress

Chapter 9 - If You are Nervous Before Surgery

Order your copy of the book on Amazon here: 

I have also started a podcast on giving quick tips every day on reducing swelling and improving our immune system. Listen here:

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