Friday, July 7, 2017

Weekend Wisdom: Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40

Weekend Wisdom: 

Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40 

The basic carb/protein/fat ratio for a filling smoothie. Kelly convinced me to reduce the fruit in my smoothies with this master recipe. Thx so much to Skinny Confidential podcast for having her as a guest! (BeWellByKelly)

Six Indian kitchen ingredients that boost health (Hindustan Times)

Eating chocolate is good for your brain (Good Housekeeping)

Glycolic face mask and Turmeric face mask you can make at home in your kitchen (Trinny)

Hack your mindless habits to make yourself happier at the end of the day - I do one of these at Lent (Time)


Don't argue if you're sleep-deprived. Lack of sleep + stressful convos = stress-related inflammatory responses (Quartz)

Just one night without sleep can affect our immune system b/c sleeping affects the number of T cells present in the bloodstream (Knowridge)

OK, we had a bad night's sleep - tips for getting back on track the next morning (Glamour)

What happens when you hire a sleep coach? (


Great idea: Combine a book club meeting and immune boosting nature walk (Dayton Daily News)

If you are booking a silent meditation retreat, please invest in a quality center: a cautionary tale (PennLive)

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