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How Much Water Should Runners Drink Every Day?

How Much Water Should I Drink Every Day in San Diego?
by Kathleen Lisson

I have found myself drinking a lot more water since I moved to San Diego. My skin is drier and I am thirstier throughout the day due to the heat and sunshine.

Here is a formula for finding out how much water you should drink. Simply enter your weight and number of minutes of exercise every day. I like that it also accounts for how hot (San Diego) or cold (winter hiking) your environment is.

The formula is here:

Using Music to Overcome Exhaustion - an Anecdote from Mount Kilimanjaro

One Climber's Story from Mount Kilimanjaro

by Kathleen Lisson

‘This is supposed to be the defining event of my life, my giant ‘f*ck you’ to a mid-life crisis, and I’m failing,’ I thought desperately. The past few days on the mountain had slowly taken away my self-identity. Without the pungent pleasure of oxygen I was less secure and outgoing. We were at over 16,000 feet, in the ‘glacial zone,’ and I was almost too exhausted to even take a drink of water and struggle with a food wrapper.
Just a few minutes after we stopped for food and water, it was time to start hiking again into the night, footprints keeping a slow, steady pace through loose soil, the path illuminated only by the dim light of our headlamps. We had started near midnight, and, after hiking for hours, I had cautiously asked how much longer until dawn. The answer was heartbreaking. Four more hours until the sun, and six until the summit.
Mountain climbing just isn’t your skill. You’ll never hike again, and I’m not sur…

San Diego Running Routes

San Diego Running Routes - Where does your run begin / end?

by Kathleen Lisson
As a runner and a new resident of San Diego, I have used Gmaps Pedometer to map several running loops for 2 mile, 3.5 mile and longer distances. I stay in my neighborhood for shorter runs and enjoy running in a nearby canyon on long runs. Short or long, all my runs have one thing in common.
Where Does Your Run Begin and End?
When I was younger, my runs began and ended in the same place - my driveway. Whether I was rushed for time or eager to start running, as soon as I got laced into my running shoes, I was off like a bolt.
The problem? Running without proper warm up and cool down can result in soreness and stiffness post-run. Stiffness can take the joy out of future runs and provides one more excuse to reduce the training load or skip a workout all together.
Older and wiser, I now build in a warm up and cool down segment into each run.
But Wait: what isn't better than running straight to your front door a…

When Should Runners Get a Sports Massage?

When do I “Feel Like Getting a Massage?”
by Kathleen Lisson

Wherever I am in my training season: basebuilding, sharpening or tapering, I schedule my massages once every month. I have used two techniques for remembering to get a massage - either I go on or close to the first of the month, or I rebook my next month’s massage appointment immediately after my previous massage.

If I am in a particularly hard phase of training, I will keep a look out for signs that I need to book a last-minute massage on my next rest day. My personal warning signs for overtraining include obvious signs and not-so-obvious signs.

The obvious signs:

Sore leg muscles for a few days in a row. Getting minor injuries more often than usual, visits from old injuries I thought were healed.

Not-so-obvious signs:

Catching every bug and illness that is “going around.” Changes in my sleep - sleeping like a log for hours or staying up extra late. Feeling bad exhausted (not good exhausted) and less motivated to run every day. Feeli…

Why Do You Run?

San Diego Runners Share Why They Run
by Kathleen Lisson

I had the good fortune to volunteer for the San Diego Track Club's Marathon / Half Marathon training program last weekend - check out where my water station was located!

I enjoyed enthusiastically greeting the runners as they arrived and got to know a few of them.

Mitch got an early start on the run and arrived before the "speedies." He has been running 35 - 40 years and runs because "it makes him feel good." If you could have seen the beautiful smile that came across his face when he told me that, you would go out and buy a pair of running shoes immediately! A few ladies running together stopped for a drink and shared Margarita flavored shot bloks. They were having so much fun on their run, I want to try out Margaritas on MY next long run! A lady who was born in Buffalo but raised in California (like me) shared that a marathon was on her bucket list and a friend told her that if she joined the San Diego T…

Tips to Combat Running Boredom

I'm Bored With Running - Help!
by Kathleen Lisson

As a half marathon runner, I know that training for a half marathon can be a months-long process focused almost entirely on a single activity - running. To break the monotony on longer runs, runners can try the following tricks:
Fartleks - Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play” and this technique will bring a little fun back into running. Remember when you were a kid and raced your friends down the street? Fartleks are in the same spirit. If you start feeling bored on a run, simply pick an object a hundred feet away, like a light pole or intersection, and pick up the pace until you reach it. Slow down and recover at a slow run until you feel ready to play again. Alternating the pace of your run will make it go by faster and improve your endurance.
Run your route backwards - Always take a right out your front door on your usual loop? Try taking a left and running your route from the opposite direction. Notice what is different.
Play backs…

The Joy of Running Five Kilometers

Why Should I Run a 5K Race?by Kathleen Lisson

I have been coaching a group of elementary school girls in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood of San Diego with the nonprofit Girls on the Run. These girls take two hours a week our of their after school time to gather together and learn about running and character development. I didn't learn to love running until I was in high school, so I am eager and happy to be able to show these young girls the joys of running and physical activity. 
The goal of each session of Girls on the Run is for the participants to run a 5K race. Ours will be held in early December, so we did our first 'practice 5K' at this week's practice. I think some of the girls felt a little scared to be putting all the practice laps together and running for three miles straight, but they all eagerly put their toes on the start line and participated. 
We have one really talented girl - I had her model proper passing etiquette (saying "on your left" be…