Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekend Wisdom: Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40

Weekend Wisdom:
 Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40

Stress-reducing tips for those who are chronically late (Greatist)

Do extremely happy people talk differently than the rest of us? (Inc)

Research behind why hiking is a good mind and body workout (Time) 

Go to the sea to heal - (Longevity)

Karlie Kloss shares what she brings on a plane ride - including compression leggings!) (Klossy)

It's not about living in the light 24/7, it's about reorienting ourselves and getting back there when we're thrown off by life  (Gabby Bernstein)


Could a little soul searching help cure insomnia? (PsychCentral)

Sleep deprived people eat more. Don't let lack of sleep ruin your healthy habits. (Ideafit)

Could a noisy bedroom affect male fertility (US News and World Report

Poor sleep and Alzheimers may be linked (Business Insider)

Alcohol negatively affects sleep - here are tips to lessen the effects (the bubbles one surprised me) (Huffpost)


Research finds that opiod use before knee replacement results in worse pain outcomes (Arthritis Digest)

Dr. Herbst's advice on compression and receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Dercum's Disease (LipomaDoc

I said WOW!

This one surprised me: is Bhutan's "gross national happiness" just a marketing ploy?
(Bold Italic)

I expected this one : Instagram Food Is a Sad, Sparkly Lie (Eater)

My new favorite aromatherapy study - testing out scents in the NYC subway (Chicago Tribune)

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