Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Meditation may help "Chemo Brain"

Meditation may help side effects of cancer treatment

by Kathleen Lisson

Does meditation help "chemo brain?" According to an article in Science Daily titled 'Mindfulness-based stress reduction diminishes chemo brain,' an eight-week meditation program helped men and women with breast and colorectal cancer to reduce chemotherapy's negative affects on their ability to pay attention and complete cognitive tasks. Both groups are close to my heart because my paternal grandfather died of colon cancer and my mother died from breast cancer. 

The mPEAK class I took from the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness was based upon MBSR, the meditation program used in the study. UC San Diego offers MBSR programs to the public - check out their schedule here: 

Read the Science Daily article here: 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Help! I pee when I run - How to stop urination during workouts

How to Stop Peeing During Running Workouts

by Kathleen Lisson

Physical Therapist Julie Wiebe shows female runners how to reduce urinary incontinence while running by changing their running posture in this video. 

As a half marathon runner, I have used pantyliners and folded toilet paper to keep my underwear relatively dry during long training runs. I am interested to see if changing my running position will reduce the leakage I have during exercise.

Watch Physical Therapist Julie Wiebe's video here:

Do you grip your abs when you run? Do you use your gluteus maximus to propel you forward or your hamstrings? Do you look at the horizon when you run?

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