Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I'm not sick like THOSE People!

Nobody Wants the Cancer Special

by Kathleen Lisson

My clients may need extra help, but they really just want to go to a 'normal' gym. Ladies with lymphedema after breast cancer detest having to wear ugly compression garments that make them look and feel old. I have a skin cancer history, but I won't wear those SPF 1 Zillion face covers, even though I had skin cancer on my face at 41.


We just want to be treated normally. We want to feel pretty and not be reminded of how sick we were or sick we still are. If we're having a good day, why throw our risk factors or diagnosis in our face?

My tip is to be aware of our feelings and try to honor our own needs while still getting the treatment we need. It's tricky, but better than skipping a workout or wearing a garment.

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Here's a video I made shortly after my surgery:

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