Friday, September 29, 2017

Learning to Meditate is Like Falling in Love?

Simon Sinek's advice on love and exercise 

applied to meditation and lymphedema care

by Kathleen Lisson

How do we fall in love? All at once, like in the movies, or after one grand gesture? Or after days, weeks, months of tiny loving actions? 
Meditating is the same for me. I meditate in the morning and look in the mirror and nothing has changed. I could even meditate every day for a week and still yell at my husband thoughtlessly. But, after weeks and weeks of meditating, one day I discover I can see a thought coming and choose to respond to it versus react to it. I can stay with anxious thoughts instead of being caught up in them. Over the long haul, it works. 

Have you found that this is the same with your lymphedema? My clients who do MLD and pump and wear their garments regularly will feel a difference versus not caring for themselves. 

Listen to the podcast here:

Watch the Simon Sinek video here: 

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