Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lymphatic Drainage after Mohs Surgery for Basal Call Carcinoma

What Helps Reduce Swelling After Surgery?

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT

Reducing swelling after plastic surgery

I was recently diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my right cheek and underwent Mohs surgery to remove the cancer. I do not spend a lot of time in the San Diego sun without sunscreen and a hat, but my skin is very fair. The surgery was successful, but I was experiencing swelling around my eye area, much like puffy eyes from crying. I found it a little hard to read. I went to a massage therapist colleague and received lymphatic drainage and felt much more relaxed after the session. She also remarked that my eyes were less puffy.

Lymphatic drainage massage has been studied and found to be an effective post-surgery treatment for swelling. Instead of waiting for the swelling to go down by itself, I wanted to help my body reduce the swelling and move the excess fluid away from the surgical site.

Read how Lymphatic drainage provides benefits after surgery here:

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