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How to be Mindful in the Garden - Meditation Tips for San Diego Gardeners

Meditation Tips for Gardeners

by Kathleen Lisson

Kathleen Lisson planting trees in Encinitas, CA

As a volunteer at the Trees for Health arboretum in San Diego’s famous Balboa Park. I know firsthand the benefits of working in the garden. In our daily lives, it is all too easy to move at the speed of our thoughts - always in a hurry and skipping from one errand to the next on our to-do list. Our bodies move at a slower rhythm than our minds, a rhythm that is more in tune with nature and the garden.

A garden invites the gardener to pay attention to the present moment. Unless there are children present, the furniture and decor in our homes is in the same place, day after day, so we may be tempted to move through our home without looking at anything closely as we go through our day. Not so in a garden! Nature always provides something new to look at, a new leaf or flower on a beloved plant.

Working close to plants also gives gardeners a natural aromatherapy treatment. I feel peaceful when pruning lavender and energized after working near the mint, for example.

Gardeners can boost the mindfulness benefits of gardening by focusing on their five senses when working in the garden. How does the garden path feel underfoot? What smell is on the breeze? How vibrant are the flowers or the color of the newest leaves? Is there birdsong? How does the dirt feel in our hands? What does a sprig of mint taste like today?

Take a moment or two the next time you are gardening to stop and enjoy all that nature has to offer your senses, and you will return to your daily life with a sense of peace and increased happiness.

Find our more about the Trees for health garden here:

Kathleen Lisson is a certified Meditation Teacher and Labyrinth Facilitator and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness at IPSB college in San Diego. Sign up for a private meditation lesson in the comfort of your home here:

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