Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Can Spicy Food Stop Muscle Cramps?

How to Stop Muscle Cramps - Pickle Juice and Spicy Foods?

by Kathleen Lisson

A fascinating article was published in the Wall Street Journal today discussing the effect of overwhelming the nervous system as a method for easing muscle cramps. 'A New Way to Prevent Muscle Cramps' discusses Rod MacKinnon's data that shows a shot of spicy liquid reduces muscle cramps. This may be the real reason pickle juice works so fast for a cramp. 

I ran two half marathons while my in laws were living with us (they are from Trivandrum, Kerala in South India) and I never felt a cramp, though I do get them sometimes in my foot. We ate super spicy food three times a day. My favorite condiment is the mixed pickle, which is delicious in small amounts but not cucumber related (other vegetables are pickled instead). 

Yet another reason to have 'hot sauce in my bag.' Have you tried spicy food for relieving cramps? 

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