Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Make Meditation a Habit

Three Tips for Making Meditation a Habit

by Kathleen Lisson

On the first night of my meditation classes, we discuss tips for how to fit a regular meditation practice into a busy schedule. Here's a sneak peek at how new meditators in San Diego make their practice into a daily habit.

Tip 1 - Choose Your Space

The first tip is to select one spot in the house or yard to meditate and keep necessary items nearby - pillows, blankets, gratitude journal etc. Meditating at the ocean? Place all your needed items in a bag and give your bag a 'home.'

Tip 2 - Choose Your Meditation

The second is to determine in advance how long and which meditation will be used. A meditation app like Insight Timer can provide support for silent and guided meditations.

Tip 3 - Choose Your Trigger

The third is to pick a ‘trigger’ for your meditation, an event that happens right before it’s time to meditate. That could be walking the dog, making a cup of tea, returning from driving the kids to school. The ‘trigger’ will remind the meditator it is time to meditate and the location, supplies, time and type of meditation are already decided. All that’s left to do is enter into the present moment!

Kathleen Lisson is a certified Meditation Teacher and Labyrinth Facilitator and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness at IPSB college in San Diego. Sign up for a private meditation lesson or labyrinth walk in the comfort of your home here:

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