Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tips to Combat Running Boredom

I'm Bored With Running - Help!

So Many Gels, So Many Miles to Run

by Kathleen Lisson

As a half marathon runner, I know that training for a half marathon can be a months-long process focused almost entirely on a single activity - running. To break the monotony on longer runs, runners can try the following tricks:

Fartleks - Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play” and this technique will bring a little fun back into running. Remember when you were a kid and raced your friends down the street? Fartleks are in the same spirit. If you start feeling bored on a run, simply pick an object a hundred feet away, like a light pole or intersection, and pick up the pace until you reach it. Slow down and recover at a slow run until you feel ready to play again. Alternating the pace of your run will make it go by faster and improve your endurance.

Run your route backwards - Always take a right out your front door on your usual loop? Try taking a left and running your route from the opposite direction. Notice what is different.

Play backseat games - Remember long car drives as a kid? Use the same techniques your do with your family to beat boredom on a run. Can you find something starting with every letter of the alphabet on your next run? How many different types of trees do you pass? How many different birds do you hear?

Run in the morning / evening - If you have a flexible schedule, try switching your usual evening run with a morning workout or vice versa.

Brainstorm - Some of my most creative ideas have come to me while running. Use your next run to brainstorm about a problem or challenge you are facing. Having the luxury of time to think about all angles of the issue may enable you to find an innovative solution.

Training for a half marathon is a big challenge. Don’t let boredom sideline you from achieving your dreams. I hope that trying one or more of these five simple tips helps you put the excitement back into your running schedule.

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