Sunday, November 16, 2014

Why Do You Run?

San Diego Runners Share Why They Run

San Diego Track Club water stop

by Kathleen Lisson

I had the good fortune to volunteer for the San Diego Track Club's Marathon / Half Marathon training program last weekend - check out where my water station was located!

I enjoyed enthusiastically greeting the runners as they arrived and got to know a few of them.

  • Mitch got an early start on the run and arrived before the "speedies." He has been running 35 - 40 years and runs because "it makes him feel good." If you could have seen the beautiful smile that came across his face when he told me that, you would go out and buy a pair of running shoes immediately! 
  • A few ladies running together stopped for a drink and shared Margarita flavored shot bloks. They were having so much fun on their run, I want to try out Margaritas on MY next long run! 
  • A lady who was born in Buffalo but raised in California (like me) shared that a marathon was on her bucket list and a friend told her that if she joined the San Diego Track Club it would happen. Her friend was right - my new running friend has run marathons and half marathons for the past seven years.
  • Dave ran his first marathon at 56 and went on to coach running and run in several charity races for Arthritis research. A prolific marathoner, Dave struggled through his first race but lost over 50 lbs. and became a powerful runner. 

I can't wait to volunteer for the San Diego Track Club runners again! 

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