Thursday, November 20, 2014

San Diego Running Routes

San Diego Running Routes - Where does your run begin / end?

by Kathleen Lisson

As a runner and a new resident of San Diego, I have used Gmaps Pedometer to map several running loops for 2 mile, 3.5 mile and longer distances. I stay in my neighborhood for shorter runs and enjoy running in a nearby canyon on long runs. Short or long, all my runs have one thing in common.

Where Does Your Run Begin and End?

When I was younger, my runs began and ended in the same place - my driveway. Whether I was rushed for time or eager to start running, as soon as I got laced into my running shoes, I was off like a bolt.

The problem? Running without proper warm up and cool down can result in soreness and stiffness post-run. Stiffness can take the joy out of future runs and provides one more excuse to reduce the training load or skip a workout all together.

Older and wiser, I now build in a warm up and cool down segment into each run.

But Wait: what isn't better than running straight to your front door and sitting down on your couch in your icy cold air-conditioned living room after a tough outdoor workout?

Here's the bad news: switching straight from vigorous exercise to sitting or lying down may result in post-workout stiffness later on in the day. With busy runners trying to maximize every moment of every workout, a cool down may get squeezed out of their schedule. Repeated episodes of stiffness may reduce motivation and enjoyment of exercise in new and even seasoned athletes, and motivation is so important for those just starting to work out.

Yeah, Yeah, Cool Down - I’ve read that one in every Fitness Article ever written.

True, it is a fundamental and a no-brainer, but how many athletes have you seen finish a blistering set of repetitions or a long run, grab their water bottle and stand around drinking it for a minute before heading to their cars?

What is a quick, easy cool down?

I build a cool down into my runs by using Gmaps Pedometer to start and end my runs a few blocks from my house, not my front yard. I still run the distances on my half marathon training plan, and I stop post-workout stiffness naturally by letting my body cool down after my run.

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