Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Testimonial Tuesday - Lymphedema and Plastic Surgery in San Diego

Testimonial Tuesday - Reducing Swelling after a Facelift

I am so happy to share this week's testimonial with you! Cameron in San Diego came to me to reduce her swelling after a recent facelift and I was also able to help her with her lymphedema. Here is her testimonial:

"Kathleen is amazing.  I came to her after my lower face/neck lift for lymphatic drainage massage.  My swelling and bruising was SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.  My healing time was cut in half.
I also had been ignoring my lymphedema in my right arm that I had due to my double mastectomy 5 years ago.  I didn't want to deal with it.  She put together a personalized plan for me and I feel like a new woman.
She is kind, caring, professional and very experienced.  She has changed my life.
I highly recommend Kathleen.  She is an angel with a magic touch!!!!"

- Cameron V. San Diego

If you have swelling from a recent plastic surgery or from lymphedema, I can help you, too. Visit SolaceSanDiego.com for more information and to book an appointment. 

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