Friday, June 30, 2017

Weekend Wisdom - Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40

Weekend Wisdom 

Articles on Health and Wellness for Women over 40 

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT

Sleep Stories

Research has found that after surgery, for adults and now even children, poor sleep increases the intensity of reported pain the next day (American Pain Society)

I'm adjusting to the meat filled breakfasts here in Europe. Could a protein rich diet help sleep? (Mens Fitness) and (TheGardenIsland)

A primer on how to use valerian and hops for sleep (The Sleep Doctor)

Tips for getting enough sleep while traveling. I love the clip and towel tips the best (AARP

Other Health and Wellness News

Crystals? Juice diets? Sound baths? Women are using Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) because the Western healthcare system still doesn't take them seriously (Quartz)

A woman's perspective on the search for a fresh start that leads us to try cleansing and spa treatments (Outside)

Ayurvedic drinks to boost immune system during monsoon including Golden Milk, Kashaya & Rose and Honey tea (Indian Express

A registered dietician shares information on the benefits of tea (Kim Shapira)

Holding hands with your lover actually does reduce your level of pain (Science Daily)

Benefits of a belly massage (Bon Appetit)

Trinny shares her favorite face oils and SPF sunscreens. I take her advice because she's ten years older than I am and looks FABULOUS (YouTube)

Scientists are exploring using nanoparticles to help our body's immune system fight cancer cells (

Many treatments for back pain are ineffective (Quartz)

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