Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Swelling around C-Section Scar in San Diego - Testimonial Tuesday

How to Reduce Swelling after a C-Section Scar in San Diego

Heather from San Diego had her beautiful baby a month before I saw her. She had swelling around her C-section scar and felt very tender in the area. Here is her testimonial:

Swelling has gone down significantly, although not 100%. The main thing I noticed is that the area surrounding the scar was not as tender after the massage and continues to decrease every day. 
Heather O., from San Diego, a month after the birth of her first child. 

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Information on itching and numbness around a C-section scar:

Here's a great video by PT Lynn Schulte giving tips on why moms should massage their C-Section scar: 

Would you like to try lymphatic massage for your C-section swelling in San Diego? 
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