IPSB-trained Massage Therapists in San Diego

IPSB-trained Massage Therapists in San Diego

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT

I learned massage and also had the pleasure of teaching meditation at IPSB college in San Diego, which was one of the oldest massage colleges in the United States. If you have ever had an IPSB massage, you knew it. The touch was deeper and more connected to both your body and your soul.

Unfortunately, IPSB closed in 2016, but there are a few practicing massage therapists who still use the old ways to massage their clients. Here are a list of IPSB-trained massage therapists practicing in San Diego. IPSB grads, please consider referring to your fellow classmates to ensure they get the 'Enter, Center and Connect' IPSB experience from their massage!

Wendy Bennett - Therapeutic Massage by Wendy 619-772-2202 tmbywendy.com

Jasmine Cherry - 442-242-5851 cherry.jasmine16@gmail.com

Sandy Cole - 858-750-0041 http://www.essentialbodytherapy.com/

Carly Delso-Saavedra - http://www.carlymassage.com/

Debbie Derr - dsquaredbodywork.com

Kristi Douglas, CMT, BCSI Certified Massage Therapist & Board Certified Structural Integrator - Kdmassagetherapy.com

Vika Golovanova 858-692-3994 vika.golovanova@gmail.com  julianmountainspa.com

Rhonda Grace Everyday Grace Massage - 888-774-7887 www.myeverydaygrace.com

Shari Grayson, HHP, CMT, MBA. Healthy Touch Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork -  858-384-1141, HealthyTouchSD@gmail.com, www.healthytouchsd.com

Bill Herr - 760-310-7469 www.Live-Dreams.com

Cara Holland- 858-999-7389 caraholland.cmt@gmail.com www.nbwcenter.org

Elizabeth Jacobowitz - Embodiment Arts 619-417-2373 EmbodimentArts.com

Carly Janine at Nautilus Bodywork - 619-630-8447 nautilusbodywork@gmail.com

Nathan LeBlanc - Rolf Structural Integration GraceWithinGravity@gmail.com

Joannie Lee - Two Hands Mobile Massage https://www.facebook.com/TwoHandsMobileMassageSD/

Kristie Lara - kristie.lara@yahoo.com (Mexico City, Mexico)

Melissa Lee - http://www.purezenbodywork.com/

Beverly McDonald - 619-772-3306 www.justbreiki.com

Samantha Mecklenburg - 619-363-1569
 journeytojoyhealing@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/journeytojoyhealing

Alice Nelson - Massage Green Spa Scripps Ranch 858-689-1700

Kiley Shepherd Ring - Massage by Kiley 619-246-0988 Bohemianhabits.com

Michelle Ruppert - 619-890-0111 MicheleRuppert.LMT@gmail.com,

Rebecca Larisa Schulman - www.evolutionwithrebecca.com

Valentine Songeur - (760)707-8312 songez.zen@gmail.com

Michael Rypins - (760)815-2393 michaellights@gmail.com

Rosa Valdez, A.S.,HHP, CMT 619-322-1720 www.sunrisingbodywork.abmp.com

And last but not least, Me!

Kathleen Lisson - As a Board Certified massage therapist, with advanced training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, I help women and men in the San Diego area reduce the tight, full, heavy feeling that comes with swelling after facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and other plastic surgery operations. To schedule a treatment, please visit http://www.solacesandiego.com or call 619-880-6538


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