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Skin Cancer Awareness for Gingers

Skin Cancer Awareness for Gingers

May is skin cancer awareness month! Each year, over two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer. I was diagnosed with basal call carcinoma in 2016 and had to undergo a procedure called Moh’s surgery on my right cheek. Gingers - ladies and gentlemen with red hair, pale skin and freckles - have to especially protective of their skin. I am a ginger and so is my brother. My father was a redhead when he was young and has German, Irish and British genes.

After Mohs Surgery in 2016

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation website, Basal Cell Carcinoma is the most frequently occurring form of skin cancer and are “abnormal, uncontrolled growths or lesions that arise in the skin’s basal cells … (and) often look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars and are usually caused by a combination of cumulative and intense, occasional sun exposure.” Because I was in my early forties and wore sunscreen and a hat every day, I wasn’t expecting to get skin cancer. I am grateful to my fellow volunteers at Moores Cancer Center who urged me to get my ‘pimple that never healed’ checked out by my doctor.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends examining your skin from head-to-toe monthly, and seeing a dermatologist once a year for a professional skin exam. If you spot anything new or changing, see your physician or ask for a referral to a dermatologist. We can all take simple steps to protect our skin every day.

  • Did you know that denim and polyester offer better sun protection than loosely-woven fabrics and natural materials? 

  • Another great tip is to wear a broad-brimmed hat when you’re outside in the sun. The hat should be large enough to  protect your face, head and neck. 

  • UV-blocking sunglasses can protect the skin around your eyes. 

  • Keep sunscreen in the car and in your purse!

  • My best tip is to apply SPF sunscreen first thing in the morning, so you won’t forget it later if you have to step outside to run a few errands.

I want to mention again that those of us who are especially fair and burn easily can get skin cancer even when we wear hats and use spf daily. Don’t be afraid to urge a friend to see her doctor if she has a mark that may be skin cancer!  

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  1. This is such good information---I lost my best friend to melanoma when she was 34! We have to be so careful...


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