Sunday, April 30, 2017

Book Review: Taking Charge of Cancer by Dr. David Palma

Book Review: Taking Charge of Cancer by Dr. David Palma

Taking Charge of Cancer Dr. David Palma

As an oncology massage therapist, I want to make sure my clients have all the answers they need and feel like they are a partner in their medical care, not a disease to be treated. I recently read an advance copy of a book that makes the process of being an informed patient easier.  

In this easy to read book, radiation oncologist Dr. David Palma gives advice on how patients with a cancer diagnosis can ensure they are getting the quality medical care they deserve - care that maximizes both survival and quality of life. This book provides guidance on what questions to ask during your initial consultation with a surgeon, medical oncologist or radiation oncologist, detailed step by step information on how to read your medical records, checklists to make sure you understand the most important aspects of treatment, proven tips on how to choose the best surgeon and lists of questions to ask your doctor about your surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Taking Charge of Cancer confirms several things I had been suspicious of with respect to cancer diagnosis and treatment. In the book’s forward, Dr. Anthony Zietman puts it plainly when he states, “physicians prefer to do what they do.” This may mean that a surgeon may recommend surgery and physicians may recommend only treatments that are well covered by health insurance. His wisdom for patients with a cancer diagnosis? “Ask questions, get different opinions, read wisely, and then, after discussion with family and friends, make thoughtful, informed decisions.”

Taking Charge of Cancer can be a valuable resource if you are a patient who wants to take charge of your medical care or a caregiver or trusted friend who will accompany the patient to doctor visits and offer a kind ear to listen and comfort, particularly if your loved one will receive palliative care.

I received an advanced copy of Taking Charge of Cancer for review through NetGalley. It will be released July 1, 2017 an is available to preorder at Amazon: Taking Charge of Cancer: What You Need to Know to Get the Best Treatment

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