Monday, September 12, 2016

Quiz: What is Healthy?

What Does Being Healthy Mean - a Quiz

by Kathleen Lisson, CMT

The word healthy describes a level of complete physical, mental and social well-being in an individual.

Are you able to do all the activities you want to, like run around with the kids after work, or are you so run-down that most evenings are spent on the couch and most mornings are a struggle to get out of bed? Take a moment to relax your forehead, jaw and shoulders. How much tension are you holding in your body day after day?

Mental well-being is at risk in our overstimulated, always-on world. Can you remember people’s names? Have you experienced arriving at a destination having no idea how you got there? Have you said something you regret because you react to situations before you have a chance to take a breath and consider your response?

Social well-being is changing as our interactions become more digital. Do you give people you love half your attention because you are also concentrating on social media? Do you feel alone in a group when everyone else is texting? When is the last time you had a deep, meaningful hug?

How many signs did you see in yourself? If nagging pain is stopping you from doing everything you want to do, consider getting a massage. It is amazing how much of life we let pass us by because we are too tired to experience it. Meditation has been a powerful practice in my life. I find that I am more present and can remember names better, respond to situations instead of react to them and I have many more moments of awareness during the day where I am able to focus on tasks without gettting distracted by my thoughts. If these things concern you, consider taking a meditation class.
The downside of learning to meditate is that I am much more aware of being distracted when I am on social media with friends and loved ones. I am still taking baby steps to reduce my smartphone usage when I am with friends or occupied with other tasks.

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