Sunday, August 31, 2014

Middle-Aged Endurance Athletes - Do You Still Chase a PR?

Middle-Aged Endurance Athletes - Do You Still Chase a PR?

What inspires you to lace up your shoes and train?

by Kathleen Lisson

In an piece titled 'Don't Look Back' written for Bicycling Magazine, Selene Yeager shares a big DON'T for endurance athletes regarding post-race chatter. 

  • Do your thoughts and judgements about your last performance influence your future competition?
  • Can you be proud of your all-out efforts or does all your self-praise come attached to criticism?

Selene also touches on a big question for middle-aged athletes - 

  • Do we still complete even though our PR level performances may be behind us? 

I just turned 40 and I haven't raced yet in San Diego this year - should I keep my old PR times from my 30's in mind or set a new baseline for each new decade? 

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