Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Train Yourself to Exercise in the Morning

How to Train Your Body to Get Up in the Morning

How to Train Yourself to Run in the Morning

by Kathleen Lisson

One of the hardest parts of training for 'night owl' endurance athletes is getting their shoes on and gettting out the door for their daily morning run / cycling session / swim.

In the Fast Company article 'How Circa CEO Matt Galligan Trained Himself to Wake up at 6:30 a.m. Without an Alarm Clock,' author Rebecca Greenfield reveals Galligan's secret - body clock training. Galligan set an alarm clock for his preferred wakeup time, 6:30 a.m., every morning for a solid month (including weekends) and didn't use the snooze button. After 30 days of waking up at the same time, he had trained his body that 6:30 a.m. was the time to wake up, alarm or no alarm.

Should you try this method to become a 'morning person?'

  • This technique will be difficult if an athlete enjoys sleeping late on the weekends. 
  • I have also found that using a sleeping mask helps me to stay asleep until my alarm goes off, especially if the sun rises an hour before I want to wake up. 
  • I would add that an important part of this technique is the discipline to go to sleep a full 8 hours before the alarm goes off, in order to make sure to get adequate rest at night. 

Read the Fast Company article here:

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