Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Combat Negative Stress - advice from a running coach

How Runners Reduce Stress

by Kathleen Lisson

Meditation can relieve stress in endurance athletes

Running coach Jason Fitzgerald wrote an excellent article detailing the two kinds of stress that endurance athletes face - the "eustress" positive stress of a rigorous training schedule and the "distress" negative stress of tension, anger, conflict, illness, grief and anxiety we can experience in our daily lives.  I liked that Coach Fitzgerald mentioned that runners will often just look to reduce stress from running with sport-specific items like foam rollers and compression socks instead of taking a big picture look at reducing the overall stress level of their lives. Two activities he recommended for long distance runners looking to reduce their negative stress included meditation and volunteering.

I agree! Both meditation and volunteering for Girls on the Run San Diego have reduced the stress I feel in my body and helped me to keep to an endurance runner's training schedule.

How do you reduce the distress in your life?

Read Coach Fitzgerald's article here:

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