Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mental Training Tips from Chrissie Wellington in Triathlete World

Meditation for Runners and Triathletes

Meditation Cushion and Running Shoes 

by Kathleen Lisson

In the Triathlete's World article "Chrissie Wellington's Racing Tips," Julie-Anne Ryan shares Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington's mental strategies for winning a triathlon. A few of her tips are familiar - I try to chunk a half marathon course into sections in my mind in order to not feel overwhelmed. I liked her idea to listen to meaningful music as she previews the course to create a good memory she can draw upon during the race. Her second to last tip is to stay in the moment. I have found that meditation is great practice for strengthening my 'stay in the moment' mental muscle.   

Do you use any of Chrissie Wellington's racing tips?

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