San Diego Lymphedema Management Program from $800/month

San Diego Lymphedema Management Program

Have you reached the limit of your insurance company’s coverage for managing your Lymphedema?

Is it hard for you to perform self MLD massage every day?

Do you just need more help and support?

Take charge of your lymphedema with the San Diego Lymphedema Management Program

The Lymphedema Management Program includes:

  • Two 50 minute manual lymphatic drainage treatments per week
  • Care Plan faxed to physician of your choice
  • Copy of ‘Swollen, Bloated and Puffy’ with tips on reducing swelling and balancing your immune system
  • Wear your compression garment regularly for best results


In-office care at 2180 Garnet Ave Suite 2H in San Diego: $800 / month (8 appts. per month)

Care in your home in San Diego, Coronado, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe and Santaluz
$1,000 / month (8 appts. per month)

Cash or check accepted. This program is not covered by insurance.

For more information, email or call Kathleen at 619-880-6538

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